Voicemail To Email

Check your voicemail anywhere without using your office phone. A1 Comms’ business phone system will send your voicemail audio message to your email.

Customize your Voicemail Preferences

Because A1 Comms’ Voice phone system is completely online, you can customize your greeting, extension, and voicemail preferences from the web at any time! You can even set custom vacation notification and call forwarding, so you don’t have clients waiting on you to get back to them.

How it works

When a caller leaves you a voicemail, we email the voicemail audio message to you.


Access your voicemail from anywhere. Have your voicemail sent directly to your smartphone,tablet, or computer by email. Any where you have email you can check your voicemail.

IOS and android

A1 Comms’ business phone system supports IOS and Android devices.
A1comms provides quality VoIP Phone Systems throughout New Zealand, with Head Office located in Christchurch, NZ. Our VoIP Telecommunication solutions include the deployment of cloud or site hosted PBX systems, including 3CX, Asterisk, Elastix, TrixBox, and Fonality. We provide a wide range of quality VoIP phones, headsets, and related equipment from manufacturers like CISCO, Yealink, and Grandstream.