Music On Hold

Use Your On Hold Time Wisely

Keep you customers engaged, increase retention. Customize your callers experience with Music on Hold and see results.

Increase retention

A survey performed by CNN showed that 70 percent of customers who were placed on hold in silence hung up within the first minute and 35% of those callers won’t call back. Silence is the worst thing for your callers to hear. Without any sounds, your callers will be more aware the as time drags on that they are on hold. This silence could even result in a lost customer. Using A1 Comms’ voice on hold music your customers will be able to stay connected and not become discouraged by being placed on hold. Make the time fly and increase retention.

Get your message out

Increase your customer awareness of your products and services with targeted messaging of music on hold content. On-hold messages allow a company to market to the caller while keeping them on the line. Utilize on-hold messaging to tell customers about new services or features while they wait; when the caller reaches a live person, they have an immediate opportunity to ask about a feature mentioned in the message. You have a captive audience use it to your advantage. Essentially, it’s free marketing with little additional cost to the business and instant listeners.

Be creative

Everyone likes listening to something different and less ordinary. Research has shown that 71% of customers like to listen to music while they are on hold (view source). Upload music or professionally recorded audio. Create your own playlist in just minutes. It is that simple

Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone system allows for music to play while your callers are on hold. Give your callers the best customer service experience possible, whether you are on or off the phone with them.
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