Fax To Email

Get your Faxes Straight to your Inbox

Instead of spending money on an outdated fax line, or even a third party online fax service, A1 Comms makes it simple to save money. A1 Comms’ cloud based fax service offers an easy fax to email service.
How it works

Receiving a fax

Your customer send you a fax, A1 Comms receives the fax and converts it to a PDF and sends it to your email inbox.

Sending a fax

Simply upload a PDF using our user portal and we will send the fax for you.

Fax History

You can search and view faxes through our simple user portal


Send and recieve faxes while on the go. with A1 Comms’ cloud phone system you can check your faxes any computer, laptop or smartphone. Access your information anywhere!

A1 Comms offers all features on every plan. With our complete phone package you don’t have to add costly upgrades as your business grows. Just use what features you need to get your business rolling. When we develop a great new feature that we think our clients would benefit from, we roll it out to everyone for free!

If you have a question about any of our features, or would like some one on one training please feel free to call our customer support team.
A1comms provides quality VoIP Phone Systems throughout New Zealand, with Head Office located in Christchurch, NZ. Our VoIP Telecommunication solutions include the deployment of cloud or site hosted PBX systems, including 3CX, Asterisk, Elastix, TrixBox, and Fonality. We provide a wide range of quality VoIP phones, headsets, and related equipment from manufacturers like CISCO, Yealink, and Grandstream.