Call Recording Software

Call recording can be probably the single most powerful tool for improving customer service.

Call Recording is used for quality of assurance. Through A1 Comms’ easy to use recording feature, management can simply access call recordings for training and instruction.

Security and Protection

Call recording is also used for company security and protection. By recording inbound and outbound calls. Your staff listen to and download call recordings to help resolve disputes that may arise. Its that simple. All of your recordings are securely stored and retrieved using our customer portal.

Our cloud-based phone systems allows you to easily record and retrieve you calls. Because our phone systems are cloud-based, you can access, and find recorded calls quickly and easily.
A1comms provides quality VoIP Phone Systems throughout New Zealand, with Head Office located in Christchurch, NZ. Our VoIP Telecommunication solutions include the deployment of cloud or site hosted PBX systems, including 3CX, Asterisk, Elastix, TrixBox, and Fonality. We provide a wide range of quality VoIP phones, headsets, and related equipment from manufacturers like CISCO, Yealink, and Grandstream.