Call Queues

Prioritize Incoming Calls With Call Queues.

Having an efficient call queue is a must for some businesses. Not only will it help with customer retention on the phone, it will also maximize your company’s capacity for sales and support, with existing or minimal staff. When someone calls you during peak hours, rather than sending them through to an answering machine, why not forward the call to the next available person? With call queues, you can send the call to the next available agent using any of our dynamic call strategies. Keep your callers engaged on the line while the best available person is reached.

Call Queue messaging – Keep your callers engaged while they wait with custom hold messages designed to keep you callers on the phone and learning about your business.

Dynamic call queue strategies – However ever you business is setup, our dynamic call queue strategies will help you balance your call volume the most efficiently.

Call Queue Strategies

Ring-all Rings all agents simultaneously.
Longest-idle-agent Rings the agent who has been idle the longest.
Round-robin Rings the agent in position but remember last tried agent.
Top-down Rings the agent in order position starting from 1 for every member.
Agent-with-least-talk-time Rings the agent with least talk time.
Agent-with-fewest-calls Rings the agent with fewest calls.
Sequentially-by-agent-order Rings agents sequentially by tier & order.
Random Rings agents in random order

Customer Service Tips for Call Queues:

Avoid long hold times. Using Call queues effectively can help distribute calls efficiently.

Set up a reasonable maximum queue hold time to strike a balance between answering as many calls as possible and reducing the amount of wait time.

Pay attention to how long your customers have been on the line and make sure you are patient with them. Try to avoid placing them on hold again if they have already been on hold for a long amount of time.
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